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Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson
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  1. Adds support for Apple M1 based systems (standard system requirements, e.g. Windows OS, still apply) which might previously have hung on application startup.
  2. The accessibility of recently used files is no longer checked on startup.  This means that application startup is much faster when, for example, one or more files in the Most Recently Used (MRU) list is on a remote resource, identified by a URL, which is disconnected.  If you try to open a file in the MRU list that is on a disconnected resource, only then will a message be displayed, saying the file cannot be found, and it will be removed from the MRU.
  3. Changes to Import PDF as New Project:
    1. Improvement in performance of imported files that might previously have generated multiple empty groups.
    2. Fixes to rendering and print issues that might relate to the _clipping layer.
    3. Removal of non-editable Bézier Curve objects. 

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Rob Robinson

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