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Update to rendering engine to cater for the bug, a suspected .NET regression, introduced in Microsoft Windows Update KB5006670, published on October 12th 2021. This regression could cause some zero-width lines to render very thickly in the drawing window, although print output was unaffected. The fix ensures that all line widths are rendered faithfully when using Windows 10 build 19042.1288

PDF Import - numerous improvements to handle differently-encoded images. These ensure:
  • RGB colors are not inverted (for DCTDecode images)
  • where Indexed Colorspace is used, colors are represented faithfully and not switched to Black
  • where SoftMask algorithm is used, colors are represented faithfully and not switched to inverted greyscale

For rounded rectangles, if corner radii are not all the same, the value displayed by Properties Grid | Corner Radii | All is now blank. It used to display "NaN"

Import Equipment List: 'off by one' error fixed, ensuring that all values in all relevant columns are imported..

Removed any dependence on WCF/XML.

Improvements to Products View;
  • Autoscroll ensures that products newly-added to the project are immediately visible at bottom of list
  • Initial search is in Wildcard (show all results) state
Export Cable Schedule and Export/Import Equipment List now support both .xls and .xlsx formats.

Completion of Import Equipment List sets isDirty flag to true, enabling Save icon.

Default Recovery frequency set to 20 minutes.

Kind regards,
Rob Robinson

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