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We're pleased to announce that an additional level of security for Stardraw customers was implemented on September 2nd.  This applies to all accounts that have been registered at the website.

Passwords are now stored as what is known as a 'hash' which, in simple terms, means that your password cannot, under any circumstances, be viewed, inferred, decrypted or reversed-engineered. This means that the real password you use for your Stardraw account is entirely safe and could never be accessed or exploited by anyone.

What does this mean for you?
You do not need to do anything, and you should not notice any changes on the website, nor when using Stardraw Design 7.3.

However, case-sensitivity is now strictly enforced when signing in to the website and Stardraw Design 7.3. If you encounter any problems signing in we recommend that you follow these simple steps to reset your password:
  • Go to (if you are already signed in you may need to Sign Out and then click Sign In)
  • Enter your email address and click on Reset Password.
  • You will receive an email - click on the link to reset your password and, on the page you are taken to, enter a new password (and re-enter to confirm).
  • When you next sign into our website or Stardraw Design 7.3, use the new password.
Because your true password cannot be accessed by anyone - not by us, not even by you! - if you do forget your password the only way to sign in to our website or Stardraw Design 7.3 will be by resetting your password.

Kind regards,
Rob Robinson

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