Various Odd Issues

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Hey guys, 

I'm having various wierd issues with stardraw at the moment:

- Upon program startup, I get an error: "Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\ Ltd\Stardraw Design 7.3\Stardraw Updater.exe' is denied."
- When drawing a rack layout, then adding a title block. When I hit save, the title block deletes itself? So I keep having to re-add it every time, which is extremely frustrating.
- The program keeps having licence issues and not letting me save or print, it said connected, but not signed in. Under the file menu it still said "Sign out"? I tried clicking sign out so I could sign back in, but it says "Failed:Unauthorised"

Can you please let me know why I'm having all these issues? They're seriously impacting my ability to get work done.

Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson
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Hi Rohan,

Thanks for your post.

The "Access to ... Stardraw Updater.exe is denied" message suggests that the final steps of an update have not completed, or a second instance of Stardraw Design 7.3 is running.  The quickest and easiest fix is usually just to reboot your computer.

If that does not solve the issue follow this procedure:
1) Open Task Manager (rightclick in the Window taskbar and select Task Manager)
2) In the Processes tab find any instances of "Stardraw Design 7.3" and "Stardraw Updater", select them and click on End Task.
3) Using Windows Explorer navigate to the Stardraw Design 7.3 installation folder, usually "C:\Program Files\ Ltd\Stardraw Design 7.3"
4) If you see a file called "Stardraw", delete it, then rightclick on "Stardraw Updater.exe" and choose "Run As Administrator".
5) When the updater has completed, close Stardraw Design 7.3 and then start it up again.

Re: Title Block in Rack Drawing.  What's actually happening is that when you Save the file, the Rack Layout drawing View reverts to Front View.  My guess is that you have placed the Title Block on a Rear View layer which is hidden when Front View becomes active.  If this does not explain what you're seeing please email the .S07 project file to with instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

Related to this question, you might find it useful to watch the movie "Mixing Up Views", #13 at

Licensing: we'd need some more specific information on what the exact steps you take are, and what exactly you see on program startup.  My guess, though, is that the computer is accessed by different people with different Windows Profiles and/or you are sharing the license with other users on the same or different computers who might be failing to release the license.  If this is the case we recommend that you make Release License On Close automatic: go to Tools | Personalization | Settings and check Release License on Close. Do this on all computers that you use to run Stardraw Design 7.3.  This setting returns the license to the Cloud when SD7.3 closes and, cleverly, will re-Take the license if it’s available the next time SD7.3 runs.

We have released your license remotely so it is available to be taken now.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,
Rob Robinson

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