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  1. Fixes crashing bug that would occur if using Ctrl+H (View Dashboard) when in Symbol Editor.
  2. The 'Name' pseudo-property has been fully deprecated and the Products View / Export Equipment List are fixed to honor the 'Name' attribute instead, if it exists.
  3. When opening the Symbol Editor it now defaults to the appropriate tab for the current drawing type.
  4. Fix so that DXF files are properly supported by the Symbol Browser.
  5. Fix so that Cables are included in the Cable Schedule even when connected to a Feather that has no value for FeatherID.
  6. The Cable Schedule is now more robust in ensuring symmetry between the Attributes columns for From: and To: products.
  7. Fix so that the last values for Cable Labels are preserved if the Cable Labels dialog is closed and re-opened. Values are also persisted appropriately across different drawings.
  8. Change in behavior: drawing defaults e.g. custom Font size, are persisted when saving and re-opening a project.
  9. Update to compound dialogs with the goal of fixing display scaling in Windows under Chinese and Korean language settings.
  10. Symbol Browser now persists tree expansion state when switching between Product Browser and Symbol Browser.
  11. Improved messaging when importing a DWG file that contains no importable objects, i.e. when the Model space is empty or contains exclusively 3D objects.

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