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Rob Robinson
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  1. Multiple improvements to Import PDF as New Project, adding support for further idiosyncrasies in PDF encoding, in response to PDF import issues reported from the field.
  2. Added full support for import of PDF files generated directly by MS Excel, i.e. files which have been created in Excel using Save As... | *.pdf. This makes it easy to add editable data from Excel - text, tables, charts etc - into a drawing.
  3. Changes the draw order of selection handles on rounded rectangles and Cables, in particular the Cable Label handles, so that endpoint handles will be selected at more distant zooms making it easier to perform simple move/resize actions on Rectangles and Cables.
  4. Pseudo-property on product instances, "(Name)", deprecated.
  5. Added ability to enter a negative value in the Rotate dialog.
  6. Improved Error Reporting for RestoreBufferBitmap.

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