Dongle Issue Stardraw 7
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By domroz - 05/10/2011 13:07:17
Hi All,

I have just plugged in my dongle and Windows seems happy with it. How can I tell if Stardraw is recognising it and I am correctly licensed, please? I have looked in the Help About Stardraw menu item, and it makes no referenceto licencing.

Many thanks, Dom

By storysound - 21/10/2011 07:08:28
Hello all,

We have the same problem.

Bjorn Lentjes
By Rob Robinson - 21/10/2011 07:46:03
Hi Bjorn,

Dominic's problem was resolved by the update published on October 18th.

Have you accepted updates?  What do you see when you select help | About Stardraw?

By storysound - 21/10/2011 10:42:30
I have accepted the update.

And i see this in the about screen

By Rob Robinson - 21/10/2011 10:49:49
That looks correct - there is no dongle plugged in, so the dates shown are those of the expiry of your demo period.  When you plug in your dongle you will see its licensing details.
By storysound - 24/10/2011 05:24:12
Hello Rob,

I have plugged in the dongle.
But I have also plugged in an other hasp dongle from a other program.

By Rob Robinson - 24/10/2011 06:27:35
What is the behavior when only the Stardraw dongle is plugged in? 
By storysound - 25/10/2011 04:26:38
Also not working
By storysound - 25/10/2011 04:34:09
Hello Rob,

I think I found the problem.

Kevin sent me a link to check the dongle number. And there stands it is a dongle for Stardraw Audio to August 2006

By Rob Robinson - 25/10/2011 05:36:57
Hi Bjorn

What is the number of the dongle, and what is shown in Stardraw Design 7 when you select Help | About?  The dongle you should be using is 2003422925 and any other Stardraw dongles in your possession should be returned to us.  Thanks.

By storysound - 25/10/2011 05:58:31
Hello Rob,

By Rob Robinson - 25/10/2011 07:03:48
Hi Bjorn,

It is very strange that SD7 is not seeing the dongle.

  1. Ensure that only 1 dongle is plugged in.
  2. Restart SD7

What does Help | About show?

By storysound - 25/10/2011 07:27:22
Hi Rob,

Still the same

also on other workstations it doen't work.

By David Snipp - 11/11/2011 20:48:51
Just to finish this thread - after examining the workstations, we discovered that they all were missing a Microsoft DLL that is normally part of the system.

We have updated Stardraw Design 7 to include this DLL (msvcr70.dll) and this appears to fix the problem.

By Luca - 09/02/2012 10:18:45

does anybody know why my hasp key light would start blinking instead of glowing solid?
Stardraw doesn't recognize the usb dongle
Can you help me?

By David Snipp - 09/02/2012 11:01:26

Can you make sure you have all the latest updates for your machine, including any hardware and optional updates?

You may need an updated Aladdin HASP USB driver.

If you are still having problems with your dongle and you have a current subscription then we would be happy to replace your dongle free of charge. Just send your broken dongle back to the same people that you purchased your original dongle from.
By Luca - 09/02/2012 14:54:31
Hi David,

Of course, I have all the latest updates including sentinel LDK Run-time vers.6.22 for all my machines where I work.

I purchased my original dongle from you at the xSolution trade show in London last october.
I am Luca from Powersoft.

I was wondering when and where I could send you my broken dongle.

Let me know.

Thanks in advance

Powersoft Srl
By David Snipp - 09/02/2012 15:20:49

Sorry, I did not recognise the name (There are a lot of Luca's in the world Smile)

Feel free to send the dongle directly back to us and we would be happy to replace it.