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title block extra field

By galaxyguide - 12/18/2013 5:58:48 PM

trying to add job # field to titleblock,

copied another field and pasted into titleblock template

It does show up in the inserted titleblock, as [job number], which I can edit, from the drawing on unlock.

How do I get "Job Number" to appear in the pop up query box when inserting Titleblock?
By Rob Robinson - 12/19/2013 12:23:57 AM

Hi Linda,

The Title Block dialog ('pop-up' as you refer to it) cannot be altered, but it may not need to be.

Is 'job #' a drawing thing or a project thing? If all the drawings in your project have the same job # then it is a project thing and you could use one of the fields in the Project Details page of the Dashboard, e.g. 'Reference' which in the title block would be [Project\Reference] (see the Help topic "Substitution Fields" for a full breakdown of available fields and their references).

The Title Block dialog only contains information that is document-specific, but it sounds like job # might be a Project-level field so that would best be defined in the Project Details.

I hope I've interpreted things correctly.
By galaxyguide - 12/19/2013 5:13:17 PM

yes, that will work perfectly, thank you.
By Lars Kristoffersen - 11/25/2021 3:21:26 PM

I think I have the same problem?
How do I change or add more document fields in the title block ?
I need to change them for local language and add some more.
Bgr. Lars
By Rob Robinson - 11/25/2021 6:24:11 PM

Hi Lars,

The document-specific fields cannot be changed or added to - this is something we are a looking at for a future version.

However, it may be that this is not actually what you need:
1) You can enter values in any language you want.
2) You can change the language of the labels in the Title Block templates to read any way you want, in any language you want.  See the movie "Customizing Title Blocks", #07 at
3) Are the fields you want to add document specific?  i.e. each drawing will have a different value.  Or are they project-level?  i.e. each drawing would take the same value from the project? e.g. "Client Name".  If the latter you can add any project-level attributes as substitution fields in the title block template.  See the Help file, Index, under Substitution Fields -

I hope this is helpful but if it does not answer the question can you describe in detail the problem you are trying to solve?